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This requires a dynamic approach between engineering assets technology, asset information systems and operational processes. So in other words, to manage infrastructures with guaranteed engineering assets performances, a multidisciplinary and connective approach is required over the asset life-cycle phases:  develop/ design, build, maintain, operate and demolish (from d2d or dbmod). Thus, it promotes a very multi-disciplinary thinking and creative practice connecting key issues, such as economics, engineering, management, regulations, technology, services, data, human and organisation, etc. Traditionally, the term ‘asset management’ has limited itself to implying financial assets. These infrastructures consist of (physical) engineering assets which enables a certain service to ensure the functioning of a society. To manage these levels, proper tooling, systems and methods are required to analyze, plan & control and forecast accurate service level states of the engineering assets. Eam is dedicated to the development and application of engineering and managerial solutions to make physical assets, safe, effective, efficient and environmentally-friendly.

, to create added value for asset users, owners, managers, service contractors and other stakeholders. , as well as their support systems, owned by industrial or governmental institutions. Finally, the infrastructure managers and owners  realize that they have societal and governmental responsibilities that go far beyond high availability of the infrastructures, with as little disruptions as possible for a minimum amount of resources. We all find it trivial that these infrastructures guarantee a non-stop 24/7 service accommodating qos prediction. It also requires an integrative approach of engineering asset technology, information and operation processes. Therefore, they  do want creative and responsive solutions adapting effectively to the ongoing needs of infrastructure users within a challenges and changing environment where the data, energy and urban revolution will even inter- connect different infrastructures more and more. All of this requires a continuous cooperation within the chain of service provision between assets owner until engineering services contractors.

‘connect to create continuous control & care : c2c3c’ over the last few years, engineering asset management (eam) has been gaining attention and gathering momentum as a professional discipline. However, the increasingly popular engineering asset management focuses primarily on physical assets, such as building/process/manufacturing facilities, infrastructure assets etc. Moreover, it is of importance that these asset performances (‘supply’) are optimally balanced between the user requirements (‘demand’) and the (financial) budgets that are available.sarah lancaster dating gregory smith.
. Eam requires taking into consideration the value of infrastructure to all members of society, including economic, ecological and social benefits and costs. Within this, it is essential to balance the (varying) user demands and available financial resources with the supply of effective and efficient engineering assets service levels. This is attributable to the fact that engineering assets have acquired a very strategic and sensitive business and public role in the modern socio-economical, political, and technological settings. .

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The decrees and orders validating act 1936.
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