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Canonically light-sided, fought as a general in revan s army during the mandalorian wars and afterwards was the only one to return to the jedi council to face the music. In her first scene, she kills attackers trying to bring her down with an explosive and spends the rest of the series in the thick of heavy fighting. He embodies the best traits of his house, is kind to everyone who will let him be, helps whenever he can, and doesn t seem to have the heart to hold a grudge. From at least seven onward, the doctor himself is this. Even when she is under the librarium banner, she isn t afraid to chew out relius over his badparenting (this, sadly, convinces him to set ignis upon her and carl). He is one of the more laid back and personable people in the entire series, and has a rather strong moral compass, but he is still a konoha shinobi and is willing to die defending his comrades. If they refuse, though, the knights have absolutely no compunction against killing them. It s not the severity of punishment that deters crime, it s the certainty. Yuyu hakusho: poltergeist report is a spinoff movie that basically turns all the protagonists into hot-blooded shonen versions of this. Fan favorite garrus vakarian is incredibly nice guy who genuinely tries to do the right thing. They ll protect you and nurture you with a smile on their face. Csi: miami: horatio caine genuinely cares about crime victims.

One of the doctors is explicitly described as this. Their enemies are the kind of people prone to mistake goodness and compassion for weakness and folly. Combat pragmatist doesn t even begin to cover what you ll be up against. When you act like a douche or try to steal or harm pokemon however, expect them to unload their most powerful pokemon onto your team or even you. And no matter how brutal the world, or their lessons, this is the one thing they must never forget dating guide man manhandling. When she asks if helen really knows what bob has been up to, all semblance of joking vanishes as she repeats the question so pointedly that it sounds like a statement: do you know where he is. Of course, as he s a good guy, the castle was evacuated before the enemies entered it. Captain david anderson shows these traits when he serves as a mentor and leader dating guide man manhandling. As sailor v, she often beat youma to death with her fists and feet, and even her own high heels. Domai s end goal is a social democratic society where the people work together to ensure everyone is happy and prosperous, while rose s end goal is an anarchist society with maximum personal liberty for everyone. Revan, malak, the exile and others disagreed, believing that good is not soft and defied the order to save the galaxy. Only this time, she outgambits the accomplice and actually executes her.

Max: that s because you think of hope as something light and fragile. Wrex: *headbutts a dissenting clan leader* speak when spoken to, uvenk. Millennia old beings who are dedicated to restoring balance and order the solar jeremy renner dating scarlett johansson.
. Their first course of action is usually to talk with the hostage taker without any violence but they will not hesitate to pull the trigger on anyone threatening a hostage. She s a generally nice and helpful girl, but she will not scruple to blackmail an amoral reporter, lure a sadistic teacher into a trap or disfigure (slightly) a traitorous teenage tattle-tale. The fourth game retcons this, by revealing that the sons were not killed when he burnt the books, but simply trapped in the prison ages for the next 20 years. She will also stop you, shoot you, punish you, to stop the threat whether it be terrorism or domestic abuse, and when told to back off she does so. Smothering a wounded ben to death rather than risk glory coming back. She might not like wars, but if she finds herself in one, she is ready and willing to sweep aside all oppositions in her quest to end it. He will accept and he will fight you with just as much effort and motivation as if you are the undertaker and shawn michaels (the respect part of hustle. Knights of the old republic uses this trope along with incorruptible pure pureness. .

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