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To check achievements, our parser scans urls http://eu. To see guild roster, please check http://www. =) could you please add the progress numbers/tooltip (ex diablo 3 armory not updating. In this case you should kill any heroic mode boss - halfus is not harder than cho gall. But it s not, the achievements are still there. Also, sometimes the armory doesn t respond at all in this case this is just failed update - try again later. Your ranking will be counted based on heroic mode kills only. Net/wow/en/forum/topic/2228413384 6 years ago nice to know. I would be very grateful if you could fix this. This document contains timestamps of achievements, such as kills of bosses on heroic mode. I mean i can understand you might not be getting payed for all this crap, so delays can be expected, but 6 weeks sofar. Without updates, this page turns to be quite useless. Diablo 3 rankings kernel 6 years ago the us armory xml currently does not allow to retrieve guild roster, this is why us guilds updating didn t work past 2 days diablo 3 armory not updating. To fix this problem, our parser will not retrive guild roster and use existing character list instead, which means there will be no records about changing guilds. Upadtes are going crazy for some time now.

Check the roster and if it s not correct, please submit a ticket for blizzard support. If you take your responsibility serious, you would at least communicate if it were unfixable. So we cannot find your ascendant council normal anymore. You should find at least 13 members with the same criterion timestamp for 25-man kill (and 6 members for 10-man kills). This has been fixed silently, as since about a month ago, just finishing with al akir 10hm does not grant 13/13 on 25 strict anymore, but those on the first page have it still. If you ve just killed, for instance, normal ascendant council 25-man and didn t get a kill credit - scan these urls and try to find 13 members with the same kill timestamp. If you couldn t do it - this is the armory bug, please submit a ticket for blizzard support. For the time being, our 25-man-raid has got some staff-issues, therefore our firstkills were 10-man and the later 25-kills have not been counted. Com open the url, disregard the content and open source of the page instead. Also, if you killed cho gall normal, then the armory erases info about ascendant council normal. R=[realm name]&n=[guild name]&c=168&rhtml=n replace [realm name] and [guild name] with your realm/guild names. R=[realm name]&n=[guild name]&filters=criteria&achcategories=168 replace [realm name] and [guild name] with your realm/guild names. Regarding 25-man boss kills on normal mode, our parser requires at least 13 members with the same achievement criterion time. As it is today, wowprogress is absolutely useless and no longer provides reliable data an guild progress. 6 years ago i assume this is making it so new guilds are not being added.

If this stays that way, we will have to move to another ranking site or again rely on the rankings postet in the battle. My main char is not listet as guild member, but if i watch his profile, the guild is still displayed correctly. If you could do it - try to update again, and if it s still not counted, please email us.free no email required web cam girls.
. Now there are two left, but no one has left our guild. Com/reports/0ptbb4g3p9vc1tvl/ 6 people were not in our guild, maybe 7, out of 25. You should find at least 13 members with the same achievement timestamp for 25-man kill (and 6 members for 10-man kills). Com/reports/zsprr9yql22pc7ef/ (anyway, every time we killed omno, we killed magmaul before as well) furthermore we killed the first two bosses of bot on 24th of february. Yet the ranking is as if they did 25 on 28 january wrongly putting them in 3rd place whereas they would rightly be put on the 7th. To check achievement criteria, our parser scans urls http://www. The half of the first page on 25 strict is wrongly ranked. 6 years ago while correct that the armory behaves erraticly at times, why do you delete and ignore all comments about wowprogress deliberately showing known wrong rankings. Magmaul killed on the same day as omnotron. Instead of communicating such things, you just sweep it under the rug. .Girls from northampton free webcam.

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diablo 3 armory not updating

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