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Four months later, suddenly (iv no idea why) i recalled the dream from 2011 and i was literally shell shocked to realize that the date on which i had come across x in reality was the same date on which i had met x in my 1st dream - on my cousin s birthday dreams about dating other people. Something we can’t see per se, but still adds to how we picture them physically. It cannot take the lazy road and simply use existing stimuli because there is none - our eyes are closed. In fact the brain is not resting while we sleep - it’s more active during the dream cycle than it is when it’s awake dreams about dating other people. We still don’t really know why we dream but dream we must - or we die. For instance, if the pregnancy is seen as a good thing in the dream, it can be a sign of wanting to move forward and settle down with the person or of wanting to fulfill the wish of having a baby. What about their bone structure and body type. Hobson states that dreams are delusions, that they fit the definition of delusion because we see color in the absence of light. Whether or not god is real - he felt real in that dream. Follow quora updatecancel thanks for a2a harshal. In the dream, for some reason, god is lecturing a priest, a reverend and a rabbi. He is striding around the room trying to get the men to see his points. The catholic priest has his legs splayed out before him and is engaging in a debate with god in a contemptuous fashion. Can you list down all the things that you have seen so far today. And still, after decades of research, we are still not much further along as to why we dream - just that we know we must dream to survive.

He does it in such a way that i know he is angry - but he is angry in the way a parent might be angry at a belligerent infant - almost amused, always understanding. I am still able to recognize the person most of the time, even if they don’t act the way they do in real life (if it’s someone i know already). The three religious men are sitting at the table, bored or inattentive. In direct answer to the question my most memorable dream is a dream in which i meet god, as an aside. For me, it is not the people who appear, rather it is their significance within the dream in association with the overall emotion and symbols from the dream that give it meaning. I’ve done a great deal of research on dreams throughout my life starting in high school and all through college and beyond. Otherwise, during the dream sequence, much of the body’s senses are disconnected from the mind - our hearing becomes vastly diminished as does our ability to move. I shook it off thinking it was just a dream. I am oblivious of the three important religious figures around the table. When someone s partner dreams that they are pregnant with someone else s child, the interpretation may be a bit more worrying, as it often indicates that the dreamer feels the couple is drifting apart or that their partner is moving in a different direction than they are. We often see dogs or cats twitching in their sleep - these “myoclonic jerks” are often the result of dream stimuli, especially in people, where the mind is trying to get the body to do something for reasons we don’t fully understand, such as waking when we stop breathing due to sleep apnea. The same exhilarating, soul touching sensation and vividness of dreams. Again, i have no intention of getting back to my ex and i do not have any feelings for my co-workers. The table is rough-hewn with a checkered tablecloth and candles, along with plates of bread and similar foods. Books are simply lines of words made up of letters.

I never want to leave god’s side and i seek small chores around the table to remain in the room to the irritation of the men there. Our brain is a complex machine and seriously it is not a point of any concern. In 2013 (after 2 long years), i dreamt of x again, twice, this time in the form of another person iv seen on youtube.x rated adult bifemale phone chat.
. When i woke up it was with a feeling of peace and happiness that i had met god, even though he never addressed me, and with a feeling of wanting to serve him water, or whatever he needed, and never leave his side. So here goes, it was a highly vivid dream, the details of which i clearly remember even now. So it has to create all the stimuli, all the light, all the characters, the weather, and so on - including a crazy plot line. They will pop-out on a reference being made. He resembles a norwegian college professor. Lately, i have been feeling that there is. What about their personality and mental capability. He has a slight smile on his face and while he is talking in an animated, passionate voice, they are ignoring him or, in the case of the priest, ridiculing him. 7k views · view upvoters · answer requested byfull answer in some cases, a dream about another person being pregnant actually turns out to be true and the person really is pregnant. In my dream, i broke up with my fiance and went back to my ex. .What are some popular adult chat rooms.

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