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For drummers who want the best of both worlds, there are also tom, snare and kick triggers in roland s lineup that allow you to connect your acoustic cans to the electronic drum machines so you can have the benefits of both electronic dating. You can try a new search or change the ship-to country to search a different product catalog. No results foundclear all refinements dating back to the 1960s, roland is one of the original makers of electronic instruments, and they re still among the most respected names in that field today. You can also build your own electronic drum set from the ground up, if you prefer, with roland s well-rounded lineup of pads and controllers. If you re in search of an entire drum kit, however, there s never been a better time to take roland s electronic sets out for a spin. With roland electronic drums in your gig bags, you re not only getting a versatile and portable percussion set - you re also getting the amazing sound and quality that musicians have come to expect from the roland name. For rock, metal or pop drumming, where natural percussion sounds and full reproduction of acoustic drum technique are essential, set your sights on roland s advanced td-9, td-15 and td-30 sound modules.

This groove machine brings to the table all of the ground-breaking features from roland s original rhythm modules, whose sounds still define genres like rap, house, techno and trance. In 1978, they released the cr-78 compurhythm drum machine. These impressive drum machines are the backbone of roland s v series of electronic drum kits, and you can also use them with your existing electronic set or triggers if you re just looking for a module upgrade. The tr-808 rhythm composer followed two years later, taking off to become one of the most popular analog drum machines ever made. A number of cymbals are also available, giving you your choice of crash, ride and hi-hat cymbals to create a set that rivals any acoustic drum kit. The rhythm composer was so widely used that its distinctive sound library characterized a generation of pop music. Today, the tr-808 and its later cousin, the tr-909, live on in the roland tr-8 rhythm performer electronic dating.

By the mid- 70s, roland had become a household name in the music community thanks to their outstanding lineup of synthesizers, keyboards, and effects modules. Beginning drummers and pros in need of a small, portable practice kit will get plenty of use out of the v-drums td-4kp and v-drums lite sets. From there, you can go as big as you want, from the full-featured v-compact kits to the stage-oriented v-tour, all the way up to the flagship v-pro series electronic drum kits, which come with the legendary td-30 sound module.1st year anniversary gifts dating.
. Today s electronic drums are so advanced that they can easily keep up with their acoustic ancestors. At the same time, they re also lighter, less space-consuming and much easier to transport, which makes them a great choice to take on tour. Clear all refinements dating back to the 1960s, roland is one of the original makers of electronic instruments, and they re still among the most respected names in that field today. .

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