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The ‘golden thread’ refers to the on-going discussion about this dan burisch and his alleged work, a conversation that began on oct. I called j1 and he checked with your liaison to cairo , and so the cat was out of the bag. Until, of course, a new timeline rears its head. And benazir bhutto being elected president of pakistan. However, as fitting for the name, the only rule at the genuine golden thread is the golden rule, naturally. If the date has now been discredited - as it supposedly was, if we are to accept the transcript at face value - then there should be no more need to hide the source of it, right. Must ve been the beer, or was lost in the grunts of hoo-wah. And how is it that they were simply looking at maps , instead of the logic behind supposed safe areas fran f edmonton chat. It could have been that they were but props, with little effort put into them, but they may have had an importance that was never achieved. We take our identity very seriously, and when people try to steal something that isn t theirs, and try to make it their own, it vexes a considerate person. Then the cover story for the debris from nibiru s dust cloud is floated out to explain why the iss may have to be evacuated/abandoned in the near future: cosmos is falling: the first fragments of shattered satellite cosmos 2251 are about to reenter earth s atmosphere. Finally it was given, and i met the two of them at marcia’s and we walked over.  i recall marci volunteering to me i know what you re thinking, but don t worry, las vegas is over 2,000 feet above sea level when she was encouraging us to move to las vegas, nv as soon as we had arrived in alamogordo, nm following our deportation in jan. Sufficient time to reach those who pose as real, but more importantly. Please listen to this 2-minute audio clip of henry deacon calling in to our radio show on tuesday to confirm what i had earlier summarized on air as the core of dan’s story fran f edmonton chat.

However, being that we did have guest visitors from the zeta reticuli star system (the j-rods), dan has been kind enough to share this bit despite the fact it will be more fully covered in his debriefing: we taught them a certain type sign language. He also emailed transcripts, pictures, etc. ] (of course the sunni s in iraq found out a few years later, which is why the al-askari mosque in samarra, named after the father of imam hussein, was bombed, but by then it was someone else s problem. You were told that the case to go into iraq let s recount it a little more, continuing to guess about it. I remember him writing me and asking me to call off the dogs back when shady {the avatar known alternately as nightshade09 , shady groves , or simply nightshade } first starting snarling at dan in earnest and attacking him openly. Regarding the exact way the possible futures play out, i guess we will all have to see. Why, because you swore to them you wouldn t tell. We are the admins here, dan and i, and we have spoken. Long-time readers are already aware of the travesty, and simply by examining the type of discourse and claims made by the sneds characters, including marcia mcdowell and dan burisch, they will note the absurdity and poor attempts to re-write history. A modified version of this email will be posted on both the golden thread and danburisch. Burisch s rebuttal which was posted today on rense:   editor s note: today the stargate forum (it appears to have hit the server and not just that single message forum) went down after dondep received a drop that consisted of images of deb burisch receiving a copy of dan s ph. How are we to account for the increasing earth changes, now that the date has passed. I remarked how i would be happy just to get a menial job and help them with disclosure, “even if it means just getting coffee and making sandwiches, although i make a mean breakfast.   but do we shoot the weatherman when he tells us tornadoes are on the way. Lastly, but maybe most importantly, dan and marci are supposedly working on a one-time-use-only looking glass (using a strange code-name, until i found the original comic-cartoon origin fit right in with dan s taste in pop-culture.

Adjourning majestic only ratified what had already occured. One would think you would have better pursuits for exercising your obvious power. When they came for the homosexuals, i said nothing, as i wasn t a of dating with american men.
. Within a year of his ‘retirement’ in 2004, he was named briefly to fill the j-9 chair in majestic 12. Therefore, their successor group (sion) would of needs also have to have special status for cross-border travel. With that, they partially taught us their language. Their courtship was interrupted when majestic appointed dan a commander in the us navy in order to dispatch him to iraq in desert storm to assist in deploying an alleged antidote to gulf war syndrome. Indeed; why the childsish, cult-like antics. The rift became ugly and spilled over onto the forums, with phone calls between many of the principal ‘players’. ] i wonder what i am going to tell everybody if i am placed in a chair after raising my right hand. (suny), where he ‘earned’ a doctorate in microbiology. They also (to avoid public disclosure, which standard passports allow for in the public reporting of cross-border traffic) might wish special status for themselves. Mcdowell just nodded because we re so close, so here is dan, at the very moment he was informed that we had entered the shar the period of the crossing, the time of the expected catastrophe of fulcanelli, the time period when t2 happened, the cycles cross. .Adult intimate dating personals websites.

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