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I wanted kerry to kiss me, but out of some sense of honour i stopped it, and told her that it was because of lisa that it couldn t happen. I eventually stop her, tell her to get her ass back upstairs and pour that round of shots out before some-one suspects something. I guess i m posting this because i need some feedback on what i should do, i still love lisa but i m not sure that i can love her that much as i m willing to do all that with kerry. In any event, at that moment, she was fucking hot as the sun. Also that she had liked me back then, and after the liquid courage had tried to kiss me because of that. I tell her of course she can, we chat a while before she says to me ok, so i m going to go back upstairs because i want to kiss you right now, and it s bad. It s mostly nn though i think she flashes (or comes close - webcam s not quick enough to pick it up). We go for a drive and wind up out in the middle of nowhere, parked up in a layby on a tiny little country lane free webcam live chat sex op ps. We were back to the flirting, the occaisional innocent touch as we passed behind each other but nothing untoward. I watched with my rock hard cock in my hand under my boxers until she came and started to quiet down free webcam live chat sex op ps. We make out for another half hour at least, and we stop because she s leaving in a few hours. Reply • permalink • report • delete • favorite • add to gallery bold · italic · underline · quote · strike · image · link post as: save note, attachments may take a moment to show up. I moved back to the opposite side of the country to be with her, and took a job down here to be with her. Eventually we get everybody out for gone 2am, and i am told i m giving her a lift home, to which we get in the car and we re instantly back on each other. I wanted to know whether it was just the thrill of a new thing, and that once played with and done with that it goes back on the shelf and is never wanted again, as that s what i don t want to become. That night we had a few drinks behind the bar, and since i d had too much to drive she told me in no uncertain terms that i would be staying at hers, in the spare room. Nothing ever happened between us, and kerry took a job working on 5* international cruise liners. So i quietly went back to the room to attempt to go to sleep. None of my friends ever showed any interest in her.

2 years in and after moving into a new place at uni a new girl, jemma, moved in, and after a few months we had a serious affair (even to the point where she d let me fuck her anally without any concerns. One night after she finished and sat drinking at the bar i drove her home, and when she went to kiss me goodnight on the cheek she tried to kiss me. Looking for a video several years old of a dark-haired white/latina girl dancing/stripping to genie in a bottle in her bedroom with a bunch of other girls laughing. Reply • permalink • report • delete • favorite • add to gallery bold · italic · underline · quote · strike · image · link post as:. We start talking about what happened, and how she s irritated that i have a gf, but that i kissed her. I pick her up after going for a meal with barry, talking of nothing but her (and how she s said to him that on her wedding night she intends to perform the selma hyek dancer scene out of from dusk til dawn for her husband. She s quiet for too long so i added, i was so tired from work, i hope my snorring didn t keep you up, i was out like a light until i woke up 20 minutes ago. Reply • permalink • report • delete • favorite • add to gallery bold · italic · underline · quote · strike · image · link post as:i am a bi-male, married and in my early 30 s. [-] thread [ 3 replies ] anonymous • dec 16th 2016 5:17pm • 1,164 views • 0 attachments • confessions • 8 i was out of town on business and called my sister who lived in the city i was going to, to see if i can stay at her place rather than get a hotel. She reminded me that i m only 27, and we had a stilted sort of conversation, with her getting out of the car telling me that i needed to sort my shit out and not just for her sake. I ignored it and went to sleep in the spare room as i didn t want to get back into that situation again (i didn t even know at this point if she d remembered what she d done last year). I am a bi-male, married and in my early 30 s. I tell her there s only one way to find out , to which she plants herself on me again. That was 4/5 years ago, and i stayed faithful as i wanted things to work out. She then told me that she s never really had a relationship with anyone as she has people she fucks, and people she likes, and never the twain shall meet. She has an awful habit of dragging me down a bit with little remarks about things i like or want to do, by simply disapproving of it, not that i really pay any attention to her protests but i still hear them. We even played a joke on a customer, telling him that we had gotten engaged, and that i d proposed to her in the supermarket. She tries to tell me that i must ve known she s liked me for such a long time. (which i was able to, only after wacking off to the thought of my cock up her ass) morning comes and i get up, shower.

All of them sat the other side of the bar with barry having a great laugh, but me with eyes only for kerry. We don t fuck, but after eating her out and hearing her come so many times the 2 hours we spend at it become too much. She made the whole story up herself, and all i had to do was go along with dating stony creek virginia.
. I made the big effort and made a declaration to lisa that i wanted to stay with her and meant to marry her. She came back to start working while she decided on her next step in life, and the first time i met her i was having a meal there with lisa. Always been a tad overweight, but can still pull off a bikini because of those tits. From then on she d ask for a lift home, kiss me goodnight and that would be that. All the time i stayed with lisa, and i felt bad for cheating on her like that, but i couldn t help myself for wanting jemma. However, after i quietly left the room and peaked around the corner into the living room, there was my sister, buck-ass naked on the floor, watching a porn while fucking the hell out of her self with 2 different dildos. She refused to give me a goodnight kiss on the cheek when i took her home, until one night i called her up on it. She tells me she had better get back as she s done no packing, at which point i decide that i have to taste her lips again. Kerry and i were working behind the bar, she had a few drinks more than me and i took her home as per usual. [-] thread [ 7 replies ] anonymous • aug 7th 2014 11:10am • 2 views • 0 attachments • requests • 3 hi guys. After a half hour of making out, me taking her clothes off and winding up rubbing her clit through her panties she stopped me, and it got a little awkward. She s really a great girl who i have semi moved in with, it s my place and she stays over most weeks. She tells me she s not even sure if that s what it is, compounded by the fact that i belong to someone else and that i m supposed to be unobtainable, but also that she wants more than anything to be with me. She told me, no problem, i could stay in the spare room, but she would not be home until late. To start with its just online buts he lives close and the plan is for this relationship to become physical very soon. .

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